We are now an official representative agent and distributor for internationally well known technologies and products for biogas treatment and upgrading to bio-CNG (Bio-Compressed Natural Gas), namely DMT Environmental Technology (www.dmt-et.nl) and Hofstetter (http://www.hofstetter-uwt.com). Our aim is to convert waste and handle the produced biogas from Indonesian POME industries, tapioca, as well as municipal solid and liquid waste.

DMT Environmental Technology, founded in 1987, is a world-class Dutch company specialising in solid as well as liquid waste to energy, especially biogas with membrane technology, as well as resource recovery from wastewater. Their technologies are, among others, known as Carborex®MS, Sulfurex®BF, Sulfurex®CR, Sulfurex®BR, and TurboTec®THP. These include biogas biological and chemical desulphurisation, chemical regeneration, as well as membrane upgrading to grid or vehicle fuel. Please check our tab >> DMT-ET for more information!

Meanwhile, Hofstetter, founded in 1975, is a Dutch company and is also a world’s leading specialist in integrated gas treatment (conditioning) systems and enclosed combustion systems for biogas, mine gas, landfill gas, and industrial gas with over 1,700 systems installed worldwide. Their flare technology is without a doubt one of the best technology you will ever meet in the market worldwide. With more than 40 years of experiences, they are ready to design from your point-of-view to give optimum performance for all your gas needs. Please check our tab >> HOFSTETTER for more information!

Additionally, we are also official representative of Newergy, a combined windmill and solar panel infrastructures to extract energy both from wind and solar power. Please check our tab >> Newergy for more information!

hybrid power system

newenergy windmill solar power plant


Newergy is a subsidiary of the Orplid ltd. Group, based in Cyprus. PT. Daya Indonesia Bakti is acting as sole sales agent for the Newergy. Learned in the heart of the European windmill industry, the Netherlands, and based on combination of historical experience and the newest techniques, a combined wind and solar power plant has been engineered and fabricated, combining in-house techniques with high quality components form the renewable energy industry.

hybrid power system

Facts and figures: case for The Netherlands

hybrid power system


  • Power when and where required, starting from windspeed of 2.5 m/s
  • Harvesting energy day and night, all seasons
  • No horizon pollution, no drop shadow, no noise
  • Low visual impact, low cost, low maintenance
  • Robusts
  • Off-grid, not connected to electricity distribution system
  • Energy storage is possible
  • Fully modular system, scalable to megawatts
  • Ideal solution of direct and reliable energy for remote areas
  • Placement on industrial properties available
  • Life time of 20 years
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