Providing consultation and process design

PT. Daya Indonesia Bakti serves (chemical) industries by providing consultation and process design in the field of:

  1. (waste) water treatment (WTP, WWTP, STP)
  2. energy management and utilisation, and
  3. renewable energy and products.
With our broad expertises and deep technical knowledge, we help industries in increasing their competitiveness by solving technological as well as scientific problems and thus increasing their efficiencies in these fields. Our ultimate goal is to encourage 3P: People, Profit, Planet. In the end, not only the people and the industries are benefited from our services, but also the carbon footprint resulting from our activities is greatly reduced, thus we help protecting our climate and environment for the future generations.


  (Waste) water treatment

Clean water is one of the most strategic resources for human life, and its availability is getting scarce nowadays. We provide consultation and design for efficient clean water production (WTP), sewage treatment plant (STP), water recycling, and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The latter is especially done to reduce the amount of solid waste discarded and possibly also for biogas production. With a more than 27 years of international experiences in the field of (waste) water practices, we will be able to deliver you the best solution for all your water requirements.

  Energy management and utilisation

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can be converted from one form to another. By applying appropriate conversion routes and process integration, process efficiency can be achieved. We have long track records and expertise in anaerobic conversion of wastewater into biogas, such as palm oil mill effluent (POME) and tapioca wastewater. Further bio-methane enrichment and compression into Bio-CNG (Bio-Compressed Natural Gas) for in-house use as well as conversion into electricity are also possible. Besides that, we are also encouraging the application of wind and solar energy harvesting techniques for generating electricity using well-known technologies at some certain, appropriate places.

  Biomass briquettes and bio-based products

The use of biomass briquettes or pellets are getting high attention recently as a clean energy source to replace nuclear and coal-based fuels. With our deep knowledge in biorefineries, we are able to choose the right biomass resources, treatment procedures and milling techniques to comply with the international standards for biomass-based fuel pellets.